Masao ARIMOTO 有本匡男セラピスト / ボディワーカー / 共育者


​​有本 匡男


幼少期の特殊な生育環境によって芽生えた人間とは何か? という問い。ときに苦悩の種ともいえるその問いに対する関心は、偶発的(にみえる)な特殊な体験や周辺環境によって増長され、思考を侵食する。幾度かの拒絶、逃避と向き合うことを繰り返した後、目を背ける事を諦め、現在、活動の軸となる。


Masao Arimoto

Clinical philosopher / body worker

Born in Kyoto in 1978
What is a human being sprouted by a special growing environment in childhood? The question. Interest in the question, which is sometimes a source of distress, is exacerbated by accidental (appearing) special experiences and the surrounding environment, and erodes thoughts. After repeating refusal and escape, I gave up looking away and is now the axis of my activities.

In my quest, he emphasizes a holistic perspective and touches on Western and Eastern ideas, mind-body transformation techniques, religion, art, etc. in a cross-cutting manner. Since 2017, I has been pursuing clinical philosophical research under the theme of “accidentality and auspiciousness”.

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